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Assessing Emergent Technologies in Marketplace.

Entrepreneurship Course

I worked on a multidisciplinary team for a business-incubator course. As a team with entrepreneurial drive, we focused on building a for-profit venture and pitched it to new-venture capital (NVC) judges at the end of 10-weeks. 


We took a multi-stream approach to understanding marketplace demand, validating our assumptions and developing a product deep rooted in current needs.

Gizmo is a peer to peer marketplace connecting drone service providers to individuals or enterprise looking for drone services. 

The platform is built to support project management and data storage for both parties to make the process easy, efficient and convenient. 


Lead Researcher 



  • ​Advocated for and led research efforts for an early stage startup project.

  • Led the team through two iterations of exploratory research.

  • Conducted data analysis workshops for the team. 

  • Designed visual assets and high fidelity screens for the pitch deck. 

  • Collaborated on go-to-market strategy with the team.


January 2022-March 2022

10 Weeks


  • 2 Researchers 

  • 2 Business Analysts

  • 6 Software Engineers 


  • Greg Gottesman, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Pioneer Square Labs

  • Ed Lazowska, Professor, Allen School UW

Coming Soon

© 2022 by Nikita Nerurkar. 


Other Projects

Design, Technology & Social Innovation Workshop 2020

MIT India Initiative | 2020

Inchin Hackathon

Makers Asylum, Mumbai | 2020

Master of Human Computer Interaction and Design (MHCI+D)

University of Washington, Seattle

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

Birla Institute of Technology and Science(BITS), Pilani

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